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My Story

My name is Julia and I'm the owner/cookie monster, extraordinaire of Flour & Sugar.


I started this little hobby as a stress reliever after work, something creative to challenge the right side of my brain. To give the logical, analytical, left side of my brain the night off. Yes, I still work full time by day, so patience goes a long way with me!

As a child, I was always sitting at the kitchen counter watching my mother cook each night. So, naturally, I've always had an interest in baking and cooking. Flour & Sugar started with the challenge of mastering the french macaron. Which needless to say took a few tries...or 10...but once I had it, there was no looking back. Since then, I've enjoyed making delicious cookies, cakes and some other crazy things in between.

I currently live in Fort Worth, with my husband, Cole (aka.the professional taste tester), and our fur baby, Reus, who often can be seen on Instagram as my sous chef. 

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